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Governor's Roles & Responsibilities

Governor's Roles & Responsibilities


Horley Infant School Governing Body Committees

Governors meet each term in committees and once as a full group.


Achievement and Standards

This committee is at the heart of the school.  It is where staff can discuss with Governors all aspects of learning and teaching.  In this way the Governors can ensure that the National Curriculum is being taught but also ensure that the methods used will interest and inspire the children. Provision for gifted and talented children and those with special educational needs is monitored and reviewed by this committee.  Regular updates of action plans for each subject which follow and expand on the School Development Plan are presented and discussed.



Funding of education often depends on which way the political wind blows rather than need.  At Horley Infant School we aim to use the money available sensibly but not restrictively.  The Finance Committee works with the Headteacher and Administration Officer to provide information and guidance on financial matters to the Governing Body.  The Committee composition ensures that all views are represented when different funding priorities are discussed.



Support and guidance are given to the Headteacher on all matters relating to accessibility, security, health and safety of the school buildings and grounds.  Members of the Committee carry out termly inspections and reviews arrangements for maintenance, repair and redecoration of the school.  Other aims of the committee are to oversee recruitment and retention of staff appropriate to the current needs of the school and monitoring of extended services (breakfast and after school clubs for example).  Another increasing role is that of the development of marketing the school including this website.

Link Governors

All the Governors are linked to a class so they are familiar with that class and the class teacher and know what goes in the class.  The Link Governor also knows what the teacher is responsible for in school and attends the class assembly.