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Matthew Bonner

My wife and I moved to Horley in 2001.  We have seen both our children flourish at Horley Infant School and after six years of involvement as a parent with this excellent school, I wanted to help support the school further in maintaining its high standards and caring environment.  It is such a wonderful introduction to an incredibly important part of every child’s life, I really want to help ensure everybody gets the same positive experience my family has had.
I am proud (and lucky!) to be a house husband for two children and my wife, no pets!  Since 2011, I have volunteered as a parent helper at Horley Infant School.   I try whenever I can to help out in the classrooms, on school trips, and attend ‘Pupil Voice’ meetings.  Getting involved with the school brings many benefits to all, and if you are interested in helping support the children further, I would recommend it.  For particularly committed helpers, I would always be happy to discuss becoming a school governor - no pressure!  For the past 13 years, I worked in the wine trade and have just started a small, wine-importing business specialising in Portuguese wines.  I am very academic and analytical so I hope that I can assist the school going forwards by challenging and examining everything that goes on to ensure it benefits the children and secures their future learning and development.
Looking forward to seeing you at the school.