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Who we are

All Governors can be contacted through the School Office or if you see us in and around the school please don't be afraid to approach us.

Picture 1 Fiona Stimpson (Chair)
Picture 2 Richard Rogerson (Vice Chair)
Picture 3 Jason Walters
Picture 4 Hilary Taylor
Picture 5 Katherine Staples
Picture 6 Lynne Geary
Picture 7 Jess Hawley
Picture 8 Dru Patel
Picture 9 Laura Moys
Picture 10 Suzanne Cull
Picture 11 Jasminder Bhimji
Picture 12 John Prior
Picture 13 Lorna Moore

School Governors are the largest volunteer group in the country and come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Schools can have between 9 and 20 Governors, made up of representatives from a wide range of groups from the community.  We currently have 14 Governors.  Governors can be contacted via the School Office e-mail:  info@horley.surrey.sch.uk.

Other important information....
Statutory information

Open Meeting Protocol

Meetings of the Full Governing Body are open meetings.  Anyone wanting to attend will need to make their request to the Clerk of the Governing Body (via the school Office) by completing the below Open Meeting Protocol (paper copies are available at the office).  Requests must be made no less than 14 days before the meeting, and permission to observe is granted at the discretion of the Chair.  A maximum of two observers are permitted.


The next Full Governing Body meeting is an Achievements & Standards meeting to be held on Thursday 1st November 2018 at 6:30pm at the School.


Term of Office and Register of Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests as declared September 2018

Governor Category End of Term

Relevant Business & Pecuniary

Interests (as recorded in the Register of Interests)

Relationship with other Governors/Horley School staff Governor roles in other educational institutions
Fiona Stimpson (Chair) Co-opted 04/09/2021 None None Governor at Oakwood School 

Richard Rogerson

(Vice Chair)

Co-opted 04/09/2021 None None None
Jason Walters (Headteacher)



N/A Acting Headteacher at Horley Infant School None None
Dru Patel Co-opted 23/11/2020 None None None
Hilary Taylor Staff 31/08/2022 Staff at Horley Infant School None None
Katharine Staples Co-opted 04/09/2021 Staff at Horley Infant School None None
Lynne Geary Parent 23/11/2020 None None None
Suzanne Cull Co-opted 15/01/2021 None None None
Laura Moys Co-opted 17/05/2021 None None


Jessica Hawley

Parent 24/09/2021 None None None
Jasminder Bhimji Co-opted 08/11/2021 None None None
John Prior LA 06/06/2022 None None

Ex-officio member of the 'Orchard Hill College Academy Trust' Board of Trustees

Lorna Moore Parent 31/10/2022 None None None
Rachael Wetherall Parent 01/04/2023 TBA TBA TBA
Colin Marden Resigned 28/02/2019      



Horley Infant School

Governors Attendance Record - September 2017 - July 2018


The structure of the Governing Body meetings comprised a Housekeeping meeting at the start of the year, three  Achievements & Standards meetings and three Resources meetings and then a Business meeting to close the year. There were also five Finance committee meetings and a Pay committee meeting.


Quorum: There must be two Governors plus the Headteacher or a member of the

Senior Leadership Team at each meeting



Please see the Governor Attendance record for the 2017-18 school year below.