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Meet the Governors

Our vision is to grow:

* An outstanding learning community where we embrace and nurture the individual

* Everyone will have the confidence to embark on future challenges

* Inspiring all to achieve


Who we are

All Governors can be contacted through the School Office or if you see us in and around the school please don't be afraid to approach us.

Picture 1 Fiona Stimpson (Chair)
Picture 2 Richard Rogerson (Vice Chair)
Picture 3 Hilary Salter
Picture 4 Hilary Taylor
Picture 5 Katherine Staples
Picture 6 Lynne Geary
Picture 7 Dru Patel
Picture 8 Olu Folarin
Picture 9 David Powell
Picture 10 Jess Hawley
Picture 11 Colin Marden
Picture 12 Laura Moys
Picture 13 Suzanne Cull
Picture 14 Jasminder Bhimji

School Governors are the largest volunteer group in the country and come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Schools can have between 9 and 20 Governors, made up of representatives from a wide range of groups from the community.  We currently have 14 Governors.  Governors can be contacted via the Governors' clerk e-mail:  info@horley.surrey.sch.uk.

Other important information....
Statutory information
"Meetings of the Full Governing Body are open meetings, anyone wanting to attend would need to advise the school no less than 7 days before the meeting and a maximum of two observers would be permitted."


Register of Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests as declared November 2017


Relevant Business & Pecuniary

Interests (as recorded in the Register of Interests)

Relationship with other Governors/Horley School staff Governor roles in other educational institutions
Fiona Stimpson (Chair) None None Governor at Oakwood School 

Richard Rogerson (Vice Chair)

None None None
Hilary Salter (Headteacher) Headteacher at Horley Infant School None None
David Powell None None None
Dru Patel None None None
Hilary Taylor Staff at Horley Infant School None None
Katharine Staples Staff at Horley Infant School None None
Lynne Geary None None None
Olu Folarin None None None
Suzanne Cull None None None
Laura Moys None None Member of the 'Parent Forum' at Fennies Nursery, Epsom

Jessica Hawley

None None None
Colin Marden None None None
Jasminder Bhimji None None None


Horley Infant School

Governors Attendance Record - September 2016 - July 2017


Under the 2016/17 committee structure (which has since changed for the year 17/18), each Governor was expected to have been present at at least two committees that met in the first half term of every term.  We had Achievements and Standards; Finance and Resources.  Under the 16/17 regime, there were three Full Governing Body meetings which took place in the second half of each term, as well as a Housekeeping meeting at the beginning of the autumn term.


Quorum: There must be two Governors plus the Headteacher or a member of the

Senior Leadership Team at each meeting



Full Governing Body






Fiona Stimpson

Co-opted    4/4    100%

Richard Rogerson

Co-opted 3/4 75%
Matthew Bonner                R Parent 3/4 75%
Hilary Salter Headteacher 4/4 100%
Katharine Staples Co-opted 2/4 50%
Hilary Taylor Staff 4/4 100%
Lorna Proops Parent 2/4 50%
Olu Folarin Parent 4/4 100%
David Powell * LA 0/4 0%
Lynne Geary Parent 3/3 100%
Dru Patel Co-opted 2/3 67%
Suzanne Cull Co-opted 0/2 0%
Laura Moys Co-opted 0/1 0%
Cate Wilson                      R Co-opted 1/2 50%
Daryll Luxford                   R      
Dan Atkins                        R      


Foundation Governor FA
Headteacher STH
Local Authority Governor LA
Parent Governor PA
Staff Governor ST
Associate Member AM
Resigned R

* David Powell was on authorised long-term absence from the Governing Body during the year 2016/17 due to his role as Mayor of Reigate and Banstead.